Hear What Our Branches Have to Say…

“What took me 16 years to build as a captive agent, I was able to do it in 3 years with TWFG. We will be able to grow this branch to whatever size we choose. As an independent with TWFG, it is not a matter if we can write it, but do we want to. There is no other independent retail operation with as many carriers as TWFG and pro sales personnel to to help you grow your operation. Whether you prefer personal lines or commercial, they have it. If they don’t, they will get it. It is the best of both worlds.”

Carlos Cantu | Dallas Branch

“Being a branch of TWFG Insurance Services has been a blessing. When I decided to leave corporate America and get into insurance, the first person I spoke to was my Allstate agent. At the time Allstate was not writing any new homeowners’ business and they had tightened their credit scoring and he occasionally had to turn away customers or friends. Over the past few years, I have worked with Allstate, State Farm and American National agents that have customers they can’t write. That’s the beauty of TWFG Insurance Services and having so many carriers to choose from. If one or two of them stop writing in a certain area, there are several others that continue writing. And when I think there aren’t any other good carriers out there, we add another one and another one, or develop our own. Finally, I can usually find a competitive quote no matter what the client’s credit history is, the county the home is in, the age of the home, past claims or the amount of coverage needed.”

Brian Johnson | Kingwood Branch

“We considered several options when looking at opening an independent insurance branch. TWFG gave us the ability to compete with large agencies from the start. With their number and variety of companies, it was the only option for us. We have choices in products, support when we want it, and still have the ability to run our own operation.”

Denise Davis | The Woodlands Branch

“The best thing I could have ever done is join TWFG! They have all the tools you need to run a successful branch. After being an agent for a captive company for 10 ½ years then being on my own, it’s like night & day. I now have 2 agents working in my office, which I would have never been this far without TWFG. I looked at all my options for brokers for several years & was excited when I found TWFG.”

Marilyn Randazzo | Pflugerville Branch