homeownersImageTWICO Homeowners Insurance has been created to meet the requests of Homeowners clients for more economical and effective insurance. The TWICO concept incorporates new bundling systems for auto and other policies that enable us to combine with our TWICO Homeowners policies to offer substantial discounts. We are empowered to deal with hundreds of policy providers and underwriters to find the perfect policy at a fair price and level of coverage for you and your family.

Our founder, president and CEO, Richard “Gordy” Bunch, is a business and community leader in one of the nation’s premier master-planned communities – The Woodlands, Texas, where residents place considerable importance on the care and value of their homes. With more than 20 years of successful experience in the insurance industry, he has earned the respect of his neighbors and peers. Gordy’s latest accomplishment is TWICO – The Woodlands Insurance Company. After passing the rigorous procedures and proof of financial stability that earned TWICO an “A-Exceptional” rating, the insurance company has entered the marketplace as a mainstay member of The Woodlands Financial Group specializing in Homeowners Insurance and bundled policy packages. TWICO offers discounts that homeowners earn through their community and professional service, as well as their memberships in affinity groups. A partial list of Bunch Bundles and discounts can be found at