TWFG Technology



AMP is a web-based agency management system that allows you to manage prospects, clients, insurance companies and your staff all in one place. It has built-in security that you can set based on the way you run your agency. Staff members can see all records, just their records or whatever records you decide to allow them to access.

AMP offers a history record of what has happened for the client along with a robust diary system that assists you in tracking all the activities that need to take place both on the client and policy level. AMP also comes with a full-fledged accounting system that allows you to track how much your clients owe, how much you owe the insurance companies, along with tracking commissions paid to your agency. AMP is AL3 compliant and accepts download of policy and commission information from most carriers streamlining the commission accounting process.

AMP has a built in document storage system so that you can attach insurance files electronically in the system eliminating the need for paper files. Acord forms have also been integrated into the system including electronic signature functionality streamlining the entire signature process involved in binding insurance. AMP is designed to make running an insurance agency an efficient streamlined process so that you can focus your efforts on servicing your clients and building a successful agency.



PML is a proprietary web-based underwriting and policy issuance system developed and utilized by TWFG. The system provides point of sale quoting, app submission and policy issuance of homeowner policies. PML automatically orders underwriting reports and inspections and has geo-coding and cat scoring built in as rating factors.  Policies can be direct or agency billed by the system as it has a robust billing and forms module. To save printing and mailing costs all documents can be emailed or mailed to the agent and insured. PML has streamlined and automated the entire quoting and policy issuance process.