An American Success Story


Richard “Gordy” Bunch
Founder, President and CEO
The Woodlands Financial Group

How do you build an entrepreneur? Raise him in the warm California sun? Teach him how to face challenges by serving in the United States Coast Guard? Plant him in Texas, a land of uncommon opportunity? If this is the formula for success, it would help to explain Richard “Gordy” Bunch III and the remarkable achievements he is scoring in his business and community life. At 41 years of age, he is a decorated U.S. Coast Guard veteran, an Entrepreneur of the Year nominee in Houston; and with almost 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, is founder, president and CEO of TWFG – The Woodlands Financial Group. Gordy founded TWFG, an insurance and financial services company, with $10,000 capital in The Woodlands, TX in 2001.

Today, TWFG is ranked high on the list of the Top 100 of the nation’s privately-held Property/Casualty insurance agencies. It is the 8th largest privately owned Personal Lines leader. TWFG is now a national company with over 300 retail branches in 22 states and is approaching 3,000 affiliations with independent agents in 38 states. TWFG writes policies in 49 U.S. states from its headquarters in The Woodlands, just north of Houston. Gordy also serves as an elected Woodlands Township Board member and is the volunteer Treasurer of Texas’ number-one, international award-winning, master-planned community.

Gordy credits his personal pledge and promise, for TWFG’s success with customers, agents, and employees. His background, experience, and commitment to do the right thing has been a guiding force throughout his personal and military life and professional career. He and his wife, Michelle, have been residents of The Woodlands since 1995. Michelle also participates in community and social activities when she is not involved in the active lives of their three young sons. TWFG was recently honored by FEMA as one of three national award winners in the National Flood Insurance Program. His original conceptualization of the TWFG business model, combining both wholesale and retail products with multiple carriers, allows him and his agents to guide clients to the most current and effective insurance and financial products available in our rapidly-changing world.